Thursday, December 19, 2013

Duck Egg hunt

Every wonder why you can’t find your eggs from those free ranging chickens and ducks?  I do.  I usually find them about a week later in a very well hidden place.

My ducks suddenly stopped laying eggs this past week.  I was getting at least 2 a day.  It is a sad day when we run out of eggs.  I searched all the normal laying spots, and checked old laying spots.  Still nothing, until today.......Best hiding spot ever!

I went to feed the bunnies in the garden that I had opened for chickens and ducks to graze because I can't take care of right it right now.  I saw a trash can with the opening facing away from the gate, with old briers coming out of it.  I decided it needed to go the road for pickup tomorrow.  I lifted it up and to my amazement....found 14 eggs:o) 
Briers removed with eggs inside
Are they still good, you ask?  Of course...Eggs in other counties are not kept in the refrigerator but out at room temperature.  As long as you wipe them clean with a damp towel and not soak them in water they will stay good for a while. 
Best hiding spot for laying eggs!
Well played ducks, well played.

Ducks-1 Nourishing Mama-0

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