Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lemons, Lemons and more Lemons

Juicing lemons
Are you overwhelmed with lemons right now?  I have so many lemons growing on my tree, I can’t give them away.   Here are some ideas for lemons that might be helpful.

Lemon have antiviral and antibacterial properties.....I always squeeze some in my water or hot tea.

Uses for lemons.....
    -zest and then juice and freeze juice in ice trays, and freeze zest.

    -Reserve rinds and place in jar and cover with vinegar and steep for a few weeks and then you have lemon scented vinegar to clean with.
    -freeze whole-when you need one, let it thaw and then squeeze juice.
    -Make lemon, ginger, honey tea(very refreshing in winter and helps with colds and sore throats) recipe coming soon
    -Make Preserved lemons(I did this last year and gave as gifts)here is the recipe I used from nourished kitchen

    -Make lemon, cilantro vinaigrette and marinade(great on pork)
    -Squeeze a  little lemon in water every morning along with a pinch of sea salt.  Helps to cleanse     liver.  Also add to hot tea.
    -Lemon rosemary chicken (recipe coming soon)
    -Lemon used in homemade mayo with pastured eggs
    -Cut a lemon in 1/2 and use as a deodorant
    -Make lemonade-lots of lemonade(can make it probiotic with whey too)
    -Lemon honey cough syrup-see recipe here- honey lemon cough syrup from thecoconutmama
    -Use lemon as your acid for making homemade ricotta cheese
    -Dehydrate and use as fragrance in potpourri
    -Candied lemon peels
    -Lemon extract
    -Decoration in flower vase halved or whole
    -Use as air freshener for garbage disposal
    -Slurp up juice:)

Whew.....that is a lot of things to do with lemons.....I know we can cook with them, but sometimes you just need other ideas.

What would you add to the list?  I need some more ideas, I still have lemons!

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