Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reasons my 7 year old is about to have a melt down

Reasons my 7 year old is about to have a meltdown!
Courtesy of xoclate
I laughed so hard at a wonderful blog post about ‘reasons my 3 year old might be freaking out.’  I could totally relate to my 3 year old and it made me think about my 7 year old.  All kids have their moments....So enjoy and share your melt downs.....
Her brother touched her.
Her brother is not paying attention to her.
Her shirt is rough.
Her shoes are not in the car.
Her hair is too big.
Her body is sweaty.
I picked out the wrong outfit.
I asked her to do her chores.
I asked her to turn off the TV.
I asked her to do her homework.
She didn’t finish her homework in the car-ride home and has to do homework and ‘home’.
I helped her with her homework.
She didn’t want help with her homework.
I asked her to stop jumping on the bed.
She broke a toy because she was jumping on the bed.
She wants to climb on the car.
I told her to stop climbing on the car.
She wants to cook dinner by herself.
She doesn’t want to help me fix dinner.
She doesn’t want to sweat.
She wants to go outside.
I asked her to stop flipping off the couch.
She hit her head while flipping off the couch.
I poured the syrup on her pancakes.
I didn’t cut her pancakes.
I ask her to pick up her dirty clothes out of the bathroom.
Her brother is trying to hit her.
She is hitting her brother.
Her brother is chasing her.
She doesn’t want to carry her book bag.
I asked her to stop doing cartwheels on the sidewalk.
She got a rock in her hand from doing cartwheels on the sidewalk.
I can’t buy her the infomercial product, BUT, She REALLY REALLY REALLY wants it.
I still can’t buy her the product.
She wants to eat a snack 5 minutes before dinner is ready.
She can’t find her rock collection, her crayons, her gems, her jewels, her movies....
She has too many collections.
She wants to play with a breakable wine glass.
She breaks the wine glass.
We didn’t watch her flip off the deck onto the trampoline
We are watching her sing.
We are watching her dance.
We are recording her.
We took her picture.
We are laughing at her.
We didn’t watch her do a split.
We didn’t watch her climb the wall.
The dogs won’t leave her alone.
The dogs won’t play with her.
The chickens poop to much.
The chicken won’t get off the eggs.
The garden has poisonous spiders.
I won’t let her fill up the bath tub like a swimming pool.
We don’t have a swimming pool.
We can’t go to the beach, right now.
We are going to the store.
We can’t go to the store, right now.
“Mommy I need ketchup!”  She is reminded of her manners , <sigh> ‘Please’
She’s not hungry.
She is starving.
The flowers are dying.
There is a fly in the house.
There might be a roach on the floor.
Her best friend can’t come over right now.
She can’t go to her best friends house right now.
She has to go to bed.
I make her come out of her room.
We don’t have any sweet tea made.
Her dress is to itchy.
Her socks have strings.
Her skirt is to puffy.
She only wants crunchy bacon.
There is no more bacon, “why can’t we have more bacon?”

MMMM bacon.

I love my kiddos and all the almost ‘melt-downs’ and also bacon!