Monday, August 26, 2013

A daily routine...

Nourishing Mama daily routine on most days!

4:39am - alarm goes off-hit snooze

4:45am - awake and let dogs out, turn coffee machine on

4:50am - sit at computer to try and have a few minutes of down time and plan my day, and answer emails     Let dogs back in and feed all inside animals(2 cats, 2 dogs)
5:10am - poor coffee(with butter and full cream) make and put together lunches, try to organize thoughts for dinner tonight(pull meat out of freezer or get crockpot out)

5:30am- finished lunches and get breakfast ready to cook(i.e. today was egg muffins.  The batter was in fridge last night, so I bring it out.  Most of the time I have breakfast mostly prepped the night before)  Finish thoughts/plans for dinner

5:45am - go try to find cloths for kids if not already done.  Get dressed, and ready for day(Luckily I don’t have to do much)

5:55am - get book bags, clothes, lunch boxes and all other stuff needed for day by door.

6:00am - child number one awakes, I get her chocolate milk and settled downstairs to wake up.

6:05am - start breakfast, if it goes in the oven then I set the timer.

6:10am - help dress child number one and do hair, wake child number two and get him dressed and ready to eat.

6:30am - warm breakfast

6:50am - breakfast done, teeth brushing and shoes on.  Get out meat for dinner and put in crock pot or put soaked beans in crock. Put up breakfast if leftover and do some dishes if I have time.

6:55am - go feed outside animals( 8 chickens, 2 ducks and 2 bunnies, 1 cat)

7:00am - leave to take kids to school and get me to work.

7:20am - drop daughter off at school

7:35am - drop son off at pre-school

7:40am - arrive at work(personal trainer...on feet and moving all day)

7:45- 8:35am - first group of clients

8:40am - snack before next client

8:45-12:45pm - clients back to back and snacking/lunch between. If I have a break or extra time I grade papers/do school work/do computer stuff

1-1:45pm - grade papers, play on computer, do business work, read or workout.

1:45-2:15pm - leave work to go get kids from school.

2:20pm - drive home

2:35pm -  arrive at home, unload and let dogs out.

2:40-3:00pm wash remaining dishes from breakfast, lunch box dishes- kids are winding down and snacking or napping.

3:00pm - go outside and feed chickens and bunnies and collect eggs, check mail

3:15 - 3:45pm - start homework with kids and responsibilities for 7 year old (if I have time, computer work, FB messages, email messages, do a quick scan for recipes and gather thoughts for afternoon/evening)

3:45-4:15pm - work on dinner if needs to be done, (prepping side dishes etc) start baking or cooking other goodies for school, fold laundry, sweep kitchen, clean bathrooms....or rest:o)

4:15 - 5:05pm - if kids need help with home work or want to play outside

5:10pm - start bath water to bath kids, start anything that needs to be cooked(rice cooker, put food in oven etc)

5:30pm - set table(my 3 year olds job) and get drinks

5:35 - 6:15pm - dinner

6:15-6:45pm - clean up kitchen, put dishes away and set coffee for in am.  Prep anything I can for breakfast and lunch the next day.

6:45-7pm - wind down

7:15-7:30pm - shower(kids usually get a snack if they want)

7:45-8pm - vitamins, teeth brush and book prep for bed.

8:00pm - bed time with books-for kids

8:30-9pm - anything left to do for breakfast, or prep for tomorrow, straighten up, school work etc.

9-9:30pm - lights out for me

This is a typical day for M/F. Tuesday/Thursday I teach during the day so I go to one job, drive to teach then back to first job. Wednesday - I teach at night (5-7) so all of the above for dinner is completed by 4:30 so I can leave to teach and the kids have food.

I am sure I left some things out.....but hey that's life!

If my kids want or need me to do something or need help, I have learned that the rest of house work can wait, kids growing up don’t!  Play as much as you can with your children, don’t tell them to hang on a second.  Put down the computer or phone and connect with your kids :o) (I have to keep reminding myself!)

A day and a life of ME.

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