Saturday, June 7, 2014

Podcast with Brandi Bissell

Massage anyone?

Our latest podcast is with local massage therapist(and very close friend) Brandi Bissell.  She has been practicing massage therapy for over 11 years and I have had the pleasure of having many life saving massages from her!  Brandi is a FANTASTIC massage therapist and does a great job with the podcast.  She has a passion about helping people. 

Who wouldn't love a good massage?  They are therapeutic, healing and can be a form of prevention.  Most people wait until they hurt to have one, mistake...big mistake!   I don't just like massages, I LOVE them.  I love them on so many levels.  I just wish they made a 2 hour massage and then allow you to take a nap after! I always leave her table with great bed head and feeling much better!

Brandi and I first met when I was desperate for a massage and happen to call and get in with her....I had done some really stupid thing called 'lets carry a paddle board on my head and tweek my neck'.  That was bad, really bad.  Come to find out, our kids were in the same K-5 class together at school.   Over the last 3 years our friendship has blossomed and we are always referring clients to each other and talking about recipies, homemade goodies and all sorts of 'crunchy' stuff.

Any-who, just go see my friend Brandi and tell her I sent you!  So here you go!  

Here is the link to the podcast for Brandi.  After listening to her, go see her at Escape! 

Her contact info is Escape Wellness Spa.  You will not be disappointed, trust me!

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