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Nutrition for 'Metabolic Type' and Hydration(plus meal plans)

      A while back I wrote about 'There is more to working out than working out'   I said I would expand on the why.  I have talked about the stress and disease part, read that here.  This blog is going to address nutrition and hydration.   First meal plans for my busy week...

Meal Plans

Sunday- ***Leg of Lamb in slow cooker with sweet potatoes, snow peas

Monday- split pea and ham soup with tapioca cheese rolls

Tuesday -Venison and veggie stew

Wednesday- vegetable beef spaghetti and steamed broccoli

Thursday-  sweet and sour meat balls with soaked white rice cooked in broth and cauliflower

Friday- Lamb and kale stew(using left overs)

I am going to start by mentioning the foundation principles......These are extremely important
The 6 foundation principles of a C.H.E.K. holistic lifestyle program that MUST be addressed.......

             Yin                                         Yang
1.  Nutrition                                    4. Thinking
2.  Hydration                                  5.  Breathing
3.  Sleep/Wake cycles                    6.  Movement(exercises)

Notice the order.......Nutrition is First and Movement is LAST!  You must work on the first five principles to see results in the movement category.  This becomes more and more evident to me the longer I work in this industry.  I see the best results with my clients who take the entire body approach, and we address all issues.  I am always referring people out to chiropractors, massage therapist, and other holistic health care professionals in my field. 

A few 'nutrition' notes first....
     Nutrition needs to be addressed independently, there is no 'ONE SIZE FITS ALL'.    Only certified holistic practitioners through the C.H.E.K. institute and others certified through C.H.E.K are legal to assess your nutrition and specific 'metabolic type' and guide you through this process.  I also recommend going to see Melanie.  She will be able to give specifics on food allergies, parasites, fungus, adrenal fatigue and all other systems of the body.  The technique is called Nutrition response testing.

   Others like a registered dietician or nutritionist can give you all sorts of 'diets' and tell you all you want to know about food, but they are certified to teach the crap dished out by lobbyist for food companies, USDA guidelines, which is a one size fits all, government funded diet that is obviously not working!  Just look are the amount of people who are trying to eat right and improve their health and wellness, or reverse a disease or can't loose weight by eating low fat, high carbohydrate diet.  The 'Government' guidelines are stockholder driven and influenced by HUGE corporations that want to sell you processed foods that are addicting.  How many commercials do you see for cereals, bars, snacks, candy, compared to healthy fat and real food commercials?  Here is a an easy piece of advice, if you see it advertised on a television commercial, DON'T EAT IT!

     OK, so you know you are supposed to eat 'REAL FOOD'  but for each person that 'real food' is different.  Addressing your metabolic type is FAR more effective because everyone comes from a different background with different ancestral heritage and has access to different foods in different parts of the world.  {A side note (A 'personal trainer' is NOT certified to give you or make nutrition decisions for you, it is actually illegal for them to do so.)  Most 'trainers' know this and hopefully abide by the laws, but some will give cleansing diets and specific diets that they are on and have the client do it.  AHHH,  run away fast.  Not only is this illegal, they are not certified to educate you on nutrition.  Be aware if a 'trainer' is giving you information on your diet. OK rant over...} Seek out a C.H.E.K holistic lifestyle practitioner for the best way to find your metabolic type.

     Do do you know your Metabolic type? Do you know what foods you need to eat for optimum health?  Most people follow standards that are meant for a one size fits all approach....these are not effective.  To find your metabolic type, take this short quiz (for free) from ppssuccess.  The quiz will let you know if you are a protein(60/40), mixed(50/50) or carbohydrate type(30/70).  Your results will determine what foods work for your body and what you need to be eating for optimum performance, health and wellness. 
    Eating for your metabolic type allows your body to use specific foods to your optimum level and helps you recover faster, heal better, and stay healthy longer. 
     I am a mixed type with more proteins.  That basically means that I need to be consuming 1/2 of my foods from protein sources(with fat) and 1/2 from carbohydrates(with fat). Where is gets tricky is to know what proteins and what carbohydrate work best for your body.
{A short note on proteins.  A true protein comes from an animals with EYES...chicken, fish, beef, venison, turkey, pork, elk, bison, squirrel, rabbit, alligator etc.  There are over 1 billion varieties of protein available to eat in this world.....Most are limited to 4(chicken, fish, beef, pork)  and YES I know that some beans, grains and veggies have protein, but they are incomplete and we are talking about eye food proteins, not need those too!  YOU must vary your proteins and carbohydrates/vegetables for optimum metabolic function as this article on the 4 day rotation diet to find out more}. 

    If you are not eating for your metabolic type, then your body is not doing what it needs to for healing, recovery or general wellness. So how do you know if a food is working for you?  There are a few basic questions that you need to think about and ask yourself after eating your meals or snacks to determine if certain foods work well for you or not.

Using a scale of 1-10.  1 being the worst, 10 being the best.
Rate yourself using these 3 questions, one or two hours AFTER you consume food.
1.  Am I tired?  If you can take a nap soon after lunch, that is a 1-2 on the scale. Food should give you energy, not make you sleepy.

2.  Am I hungry?  Can you eat an entire meal after 2 hours after consuming your last meal? or are you satisfied and will be OK for a while longer.  You should not be hungry.

3. Am I moody?  (attitude, short-tempered, or happy and calm)  You might have to have a co-worker, husband, wife, friend or partner assess this one.  If you turn into a crabby bitch after eating that pizza,  that is a sign that pizza is not working for you.  Food should make you happy and feel great.

You should be answering a 9-10 for each of those in order to keep that food. That means, you are not tired, not hungry and are happy and in a good mood.  If one of the three is below a 6, something in that meal didn't work, but parts of it did.  This is where it would be helpful to keep a record of your foods so you can make notes and then connect the dots.

**On a side note, this is how I realized gluten was not working for my system.  I was getting really sleepy after eating bread, wraps and gluten containing foods(even though they were sprouted or soaked)  I know someone else that when she eat gluten, her mood changes drastically and she becomes a different person.  Luckily she was able to realize this herself and now stays away from gluten.  My son will break out in a rash when he eat gluten, and my daughter seems to get stomach aches when she eats gluten....These are just a few examples of observations for gluten.   Experiences, positive or negative, with foods can change from person to person and day to day.  It is important to take notes and record possible symptoms for best results.

    Your metabolic type can change as you change. It can fluctuate especially for females during their menstrual cycle, as well as for everyone during cold and warmer weather.  Everyone needs to be aware of how to read their body and how their body responds to foods.  This ppssuccess questionnaire is just a 14 question basic test, if you really want to  dig deeper into your metabolic type...Read 'The Metabolic Typing Diet' by William Wolcott.  This book gives very detailed information and questions that will guide you to your optimum health through your specific metabolic diet.

The second part of this is Hydration.....Drink 1/2 your body weight in oz a day.  (i.e.  If you weigh 150 lbs, drink 75 oz. of water a day) However if you are drinking unfiltered tap, or even bottled water,  you are drinking contaminated water.  Most water systems are contaminated, they use heavy duty chemicals to 'clean and strip' the water of other chemicals.
Chemicals like chlorine and radium.....when was the last time you drank a glass of swimming pool water or had a nice cool glass of radium?  Point is, you won't because THESE ARE POISONS!!!!! However these chemicals, plus many more, are in our tap and some bottled water!  NO THANKS! Invest in a high quality water filter like a reverse osmosis or we have a Berkey filter (like this) for our drinking and cooking water and we have the shower filters too. (60% of what touches your skin goes directly to your blood stream...shower water is not excluded from this.  If you are bathing in it, you are drinking it!)

There are 10 billion biochemical reactions take place per second in human body,  ALL are water dependent.

     We also add Celtic, Himalayan, lava or pink sea salt to our water for the correct mineral distribution.  You need 1 pinch per 1 Liter of water.   Any drinking water under 300 ppm, like distilled or most bottled, and tap water results in brittle bones, brittle teeth (which can make way for cavities) and arthritis.  1-3 grams of sea salt of per liter of water is sufficient.  You should not be able to taste the salt.  Pure spring water from naturally deep wells have the right amount of TDS(totally dissolved solids).

    In your water, you should have 300-400 ppm of TDS(totally dissolved solids).  Pure spring water has this if it is truly a ‘deep water spring'.  Go to to locate a pure spring that you can drink the water from.  They are amazing.  There is one about an hour from my house that we have been to one time and was amazing, we filled up every water bottle we could pack in the car!  It lasted us about a week.

     If you are dehydrated, you can not effectively produce saliva to break down foods for further digestion.  Dehydration robs moisture from the mucus membranes in the stomach to break down food causing ulcers, and heartburn.  Most low back pain can be related to dehydration.  Symptoms of dehydration can include: hypertension, asthma, peptic ulcer, allergy, arthritis and low back pain.  Muscle cramps can be linked to inadequate mineral distribution(even if drinking water).  Remember there are 10 billion biochemical reactions take place per second in human body, ALL are water dependent.  Drink your water(with sea salt)!

    Causes of dehydration: sugar, coffee, tea, anything with color.....these are NOT a replacement for adequate amounts of water!  Dehydration will affect autonomic system and disrupt hormone balance leaving you tired and unable to concentrate!!

    For more information on water READ 'The bodies many cries for water'-Batman Gillage
     If you think bottled water is good(even if it says spring) please be aware that plastic is so harmful for the environment and most is just basic tap water.  If it is true spring water, it will tell you the PPM or TDS on the bottle. It should be between 300-400 ppm.  Evian and Volvic are two brands that have the correct mineral distribution and you can buy them in GLASS containers. INVEST is a high quality filter (like these) for your home and bring re-usable water bottles!!!

So, quick tips for the day:  Find and EAT for your metabolic type and drink proper amounts of water that has 300-400 ppm of totally dissolved solids(minerals).

Leg of Lamb (Crock Pot)-recipe

-leg of lamb (thawed or frozen-mine was 1/2 thawed) ** could use a beef or venison roast
-4-5 garlic
-preserved lemons(or regular lemon)
-1 cup apple juice/or white wine
-1-2 tsp thyme
-salt and pepper

Make slits in lamb and insert garlic.  Place lamb in crock pot, poor liquid on bottom of pot, sprinkle thyme, salt and pepper on top.  Cover lamb with preserved lemons(or slice lemon and lay over)  Cook on low for 6-8 hours until lamb is falling off the bone! 

This was fantastic, and no need for a knife.  We were all using our fingers to peel away the meat.  I will use this lamb 2 more time(one for sandwiches for lunch and the rest will be used for dinner again in a kale a bean soup later this week)

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