Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Do you research your food?

Why do we research everything we want to buy, except food?

It really gets to me that most Americans will do all sorts of research when looking to buy new things.  For example: cars, health insurance, appliances, an electrician, a plumber, a new house, you get the idea.  They will do test drives, read reviews, call references and ask questions, lots of questions.  Here is my question.  Why don't most Americans research food?  Food, the one thing that is essential for nourishing and healing our bodies, most Americans don't do any research.  They don’t ask questions or investigate what it is that they are consuming?  Why have we become so dependent on the food companies to tell us what is 'healthy',  what is good to eat, or more frequently what we are supposed to eat?

We test drive a car and look at reviews, analyze crash test results and ask about gas mileage, the engine and the wheels to make sure it works.  We are looking to make sure it is safe and secure and a good value. We take it to the mechanic to check the engine and make sure all parts are working and after at least a few days then and only then do we make a purchase.  All with the intent of the best value and longevity, right?  Would you buy the cheapest car on the lot without any research and expect it to run properly?  I wouldn’t.

When we need a new appliance, the principle is the same.  We look at ratings, energy efficiency, price and again ask lots of questions.

If you are in the market for an electrician or plumber, you ask friends who they use, check BBB, call for pricing etc. 

My point is cheap is not always better.  Most items that are cheaper, break sooner, have more problems over the long term and will need to be replaced sooner.  So why invest in them if we know they are going to cause problems?

Lets talk about food, the only thing gives us energy and nourishes our body.  This should be our most researched and valuable purchase. However, most Americans don’t give food a second thought.  They buy cheap food because they are trying to ‘save money’.  Yet they drive fancy cars, have flat screen TV’s with all the cable channels, have smart phones and all the up to date gadgets.  Why?

One reason I will discuss it that we have been lead to believe that if it is marketed as healthy or is sold in the grocery store, it has to be good for us.  Have you ever called a company to find out why they use certain ingredients, or done the research yourself?  Have you ever talked to the butcher about where the meat comes from and how it is raised?  Have you ever stopped to think about how many pesticides and chemicals are used on and in our foods that ARE NOT labeled and considered the consequences? Have you ever even thought about food as a healing substance?  If you are like most Americans, you haven’t even given food a second thought.  You buy pre-packaged, boxed, frozen, jarred, sugar and chemical filled foods without any ‘research’?  WHY?

Why do you trust the most powerful and influential food industries to tell you how to eat?  Why do you believe them? Do you honestly think they want what is best for you?  HA, the bottom line is money.  Most large companies want the cheapest ingredients possible so they can make a larger profit.  Most of the large companies use a guilt trip marketing scheme to lure you into their world of processed junk in a convenience package.  Do they explain the ramifications of excess sugar, and refined carbohydrates?

Bottom line, do you own research on food!  It is a product you are purchasing to nourish your life and keep you healthy....Don’t you want to find the best food options out there for that?  I do.

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