Friday, December 28, 2012

An afternoon at Farm Girl Produce (the milk lady)....

So we were able to go see our farmer Robin, who is the milk lady around here.  She brings us Fresh Raw milk, kefir, cream and other goodies to the farmers market every Saturday.  My kids and  I have been trying to get out there to see the farm, especially since they have new calf's.  So yesterday, we were able to and it was such a beautiful day.  90 acres of beautiful land and animals.
I love getting to know my farmers and see the animals, beyond the market.  Going to the farms gives you a better appreciation of why it is so important to support local farmers and growers and to see why the milk might cost a little more, but taste SO much better.  These cows are her babies....they are in pasture, get loved on, and are tended to with love.

The kids got to meet the 1 week old calf, named Maya and the 3 month old calves. They also saw and interacted with 12 milking cows and 1 bull(3 of the cows are due to calf in March).  We also chased chickens, and petted dogs and horses,  but I think they enjoyed the Dirt the most.   You know how kids are attracted to dirt piles.....mine would sleep in one if I would let them.  I think letting kids get dirty and play like kids is so important.  Even if they like to wear skirts and high heels......My daughter will not wear pants, jeans, or any farming attire....but she will wear skirts, dresses and heels and play just as hard!

Go and visit your local farmers, and get dirty!

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