Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Is your body filled with toxic waste?

You are what you eat - You are also what you eat, eats.
Eat organic, pastured, raw, local food whenever possible and know what your animals consume if you choose to eat them.  If your beef eats corn, candy, manure and dead chickens, guess what you are eating?  Yup! corn, candy, manure and dead chickens!  If they are pumped up with antibiotics and hormones, those too are part of the meat.
You are what you absorb
60% of everything you put on your body is absorbed through to your blood stream.  This includes swimming in chlorine filled pools and toxic tap water.  Think about deodorant, lotion, makeup, perfumes, soaps and shampoos as well. 
Our skin readily absorbs chlorine which kills our gut flora.
Chlorine is also in our home water supply, as well as other chemicals, waste products, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides from water run off

You are what you don’t eliminate
4 methods of elimination (detox)
  1. Lungs -70% through our breath.  Learning to breath properly can help with detoxing.
  2. Colon (poop) -7% through our fecal material.  But if you don’t go regular(every 24 hours) think of your colon and intestines as a stinky garbage can that will reabsorb toxic water that is squeezed from your colon and circulated back through the body.  So eliminate daily.  If you can’t, something is not right.  More on poop later:o)
  3. Skin (sweat) - 20% of our detox is through our skin.  Sweat daily!
  4. Liver/kidneys (urine) - 3% through our urine
So what do you do?  Eat local, organic, pastured fresh raw foods when available.  Always try to know your farmer!  Ditch the lotions, creams, and all of the scented stuff.  Opt for coconut oil like this one (tropical traditions)  as a lotion.  Make your own shampoo and conditioner (it is super easy).  Change out old products for organic ones or ditch all together. Purchase a water filter for drinking and showering to filter out chemicals.  Make sure it is high quality. Here is what we use for drinking and shower filters Berkey water systems.

If you don't 'feel' right, if you are not eliminating properly or would like some more info, then you probably need to seek professional help.  Find a Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner,  or other homeopathic practitioner that can help with the underlying problems.

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