Monday, April 29, 2013

Protein we need them.

Protein Powder, bars, shakes......Do we need them?  You decide....but I say NO!

Protein is used for every cell in our body, it is used to build and repair muscle tissue during rapid growth periods and extreme exercise.  The majority of Americans consume excess protein through the food they eat(Most Factory Farmed meats that are VERY unhealthy).  If you eat a real food diet or are transitioning to a real food diet, and exercise a few times a week, extra protein protein powder, shakes and bars are wasted money being flushed down the toilet(literally).  Most all are GMO filled, fake protein, and have oxidized cholesterol just to name a few of the bad things.
Excess protein can lead to kidney damage because of the strain it puts to filter out extra protein and turn into urea(urine).  We have been brainwashed, by the clever marketing of the ‘health food industry’ into thinking that we need these byproducts every time we work out.  HOG WASH.  It is just another marketing ploy to sell junk that we normally would not need if we did not have so many processed and packaged foods.  If you do an Internet search for protein powders or protein.....almost all of them are some sort of body building or health washed website promoting or selling it.  Don’t be fooled.

A few studies have been conducted on 20 popular brands of protein and they were shown to have high levels of arsenic, lead, mercury and cadmium. has the chart.  Oxidized cholesterol has been found in many dairy(whey) powders as case you don’t know, oxidized cholesterol is the “BAD” cholesterol that is what leads to hardening of the arteries.
REAL Protein comes in many forms: eggs, pastured meats, Raw dairy(or organic), and variety of beans and vegetables are the common ones.  Real protein has amino acids(20 at most) that are valuable for metabolic process, muscle regeneration, blood proteins etc.....point being, they work together, in a real food form,  to do what ever it is your body needs them to do.  The body does not recognize these fake forms of protein thereby putting strain on the organs to figure out what they are and how to use them. 

Most ‘whey’ protein powder contains whey protein isolate......which is a cheap, cheap byproduct of some byproduct that the companies ‘claim’ has lots of protein with little fat and carbs. REAListically.....just eat the food form and you body can process it much better and utilizes ALL the parts.  Powders can also be soy based, Pea based and both usually have protein isolate as well. They also contain soy lecithin(GMO) and the always inconspicuous ‘natural flavor’.  The term that has no regulation and means nothing......
True whey protein, comes from the whey after you drip kefir for kefir cheese, or on the top of yogurt (in liquid form)  It is full of beneficial proteins and healthy bacteria and has not been ‘isolated’ and turned into shelf stable powder.  Use the whey from kefir/yogurt to add to your shakes. 

So here is the skinny.  You want Protein from REAL FOOD.  Eggs pack the most for the small size...pastured eggs contain more protein, healthy fat, and vitamins than grocery store kinds(as well as the fake egg white protein powder)

Here are a 3 quick and easy “protein’ shakes.

PB shake
Frozen Banana-1, Kefir(or yogurt)1/2-1 cup, raw honey or maple syrup -2 tbls or to taste, organic or raw nut butter or Peanut Butter-1/4 cup, raw milk(organic)-1/2 to 1 cup.  Depends on how much you want to make....Blend together.  Add cocoa powder for chocolate twist.(or raw egg)

Berry shake
Frozen strawberries(or any frozen berry), kefir(or yogurt), milk and honey or maple syrup.  Blend to taste.(add fresh kale for added protein)

Green Smoothie
Frozen banana, kefir, milk, honey, kale, powdered spirulina for added protein(start with small amounts)(add raw egg for more as well)

You can add, hemp seeds, chia seeds, spirulina powder, kale, raw pastured Eggs to any shake to increase real protein intake.

Be creative with your combinations.....but use the real sources of protein!

Real Food, Real Life, Real Simple!


  1. Hello! Thanks for easy protein shake ideas! I love to try the green smoothie (because I haven't tried this organic spirulina powder) as well as the PB shake. I'm pretty sure these are healthy refreshments. :)

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